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The Hour

In I like on May 19, 2010 at 4:37 PM

Something magical happens at live broadcasts.

My first experience happened this past February when I worked as a logistics assistant for the Olympic Broadcasting Services here in Vancouver. Though I was in the production truck, the buzz from the crew was just as exciting as the opening ceremonies happening in the stadium. I relished the energy.

Last night I attended, as an audience member, my first live television show taping. The Hour was in town from Toronto and my attentive friend, Christi, scored four tickets!

Vancouver's boyfriend, George Strombolopolous

“Welcome to the show, ever-ee-bod-ee, I’m your boyfriend, George Strombolopolous.”

George (who I will refer to on a first name basis, because I can) is as amiable and receptive to fans as I suspected. He interviewed Betty Fox so respectfully, so delicately, she almost cried talking about Terry. “Do you still speak to him?” asked George. “Everyday,” paused Betty. “He’s my…” choking back tears, “…my guardian angel.”

I found George’s courage to take the piss out of Stephen Harper very encouraging; it makes me (and hopefully others) feel that we do have control of our lives in this country, that our politicians and celebrities are only as big, untouchable and unreachable as we make them to be.

I’ll be honest, I don’t watch The Hour religiously. If I’m up at 11PM, I’ll flip to it but in the past couple years, cable has been a rarity in my life (for the good). But when I do catch The Hour, I am consistently impressed with George’s interview abilities. The crew’s approach to the production, laid back, not giving a care to what the network thinks, had Andrea and I dreaming quietly to ourselves of what paths we will both take to (fingers crossed) reach a point in our lives to have such a group of solid, talented friends we can make a meaningful program for our community.

To watch last night’s episode, live from Vancouver to Halifax:

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