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pull quote fun!

In Learnings on May 28, 2010 at 9:44 AM

Reading The Morning News, I’ve been admiring their site layout – simple, clean, black and white, and with pull quotes to boot! “I gotsta get me some of my own,” said the greedy keener in my mind, and to Google I went!

Kudos to Michael Polluck for this tutorial.

Alas, what I learned is that, as free as WordPress appears, to display CSS changes you have to pay $15-ish a year. (Fair enough, they need to make a living.) I was all set to do it but hesitated at WordPress’s warning:

Please note that CSS can be a fairly tricky technical job…You should have some knowledge of CSS before purchasing the upgrade – or at least a willingness to learn!

Or I could drop $384 and have roughly 20 designers throw their ideas at my limited-budget feet.

But I’m keen to learn. So it’s time for some self-teaching. I’ll be back!

  1. hey there. thanks so much for the link. and good luck in your wordpress/CSS leanrning 🙂

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