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oh little fire

In I like on June 14, 2010 at 9:00 AM

Sarah Harmer is about to release a new album. June 22 cannot come soon enough.

Her voice has captivated me since I discovered her first album, You Were Here (2000), in Kelowna’s A&B Sound for $8. It was the best real-life Stumble I’ve ever had. I was hooked instantly.

That album happened to become the backdrop to the start of a long-term, long-distance relationship for me. That summer before my final year of high school, I lazed in the backyard sun, dreaming of new places, this new person, while listening to “The Hideout”, “Open Window” and “Basement Apartment”. The emotions her voice ignited were haunting. But in a good way. (You know?)

My favourite track — if that’s possible — had to be “Lodestar“. It starts as a sleepy, wave-rolling paddle. But then two-thirds in, her guitar picks up, the harmonica pipes in, and the drums start. She guides your boat into the sun, or maybe towards the island you were hoping to find.

And wait for it,
There are only two things now.
This great black night,
And the fire glow.
Listen, the darkness rings,
The darkness.
Listen, the darkness rings.
And wait for it,
There are only two of us now.
This great black night scooped out,
And this fire glow.
Listen, the darkess rings,
The darkness,
Listen, the darkness rings.
Take off your things,
And listen, the darkness rings.

It’s been five years since Sarah’s last album. It’s been a year since the relationship. As I listen to the first released track, “Captive” from Oh Little Fire, it’s a sweet heartache not to share it with that person, but I still can’t wait to be taken away on a new boat ride of emotions.

Listen for yourself: \”Captive\” by Sarah Harmer

Sarah Harmer is playing at the Vancouver Folk Festival this July. I hope I hope I hope I can get the day off work!

  1. She’s also playing Palais Royale in Toronto next Tuesday for her CD release! I’m getting in by pre-ordering the CD at HMV…free tix, awesome 🙂

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