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In Hearings on June 18, 2010 at 2:17 PM

There was a fantastic episode of Living Out Loud today on CBC Radio 1. Myfanwy Davies, a Maritime journalist, reflected on her relationship with her father and her pilgrimage to his home country of Wales.

It was wonderful to hear the Welsh accent again. And it’s true what Myfanwy said: “The Welsh are always looking for connections”. Many times during my times in Swansea, I was asked where I was from, what my family name is. And then they’d place my light eyes as Irish or my fair skin and surname as German, and try to claim my dark hair as Welsh.

What I experienced about the Welsh is their modesty and their understated care. The local general store, five terraced houses down from my home, doubled as the post office. I often visited to post my handwritten letters or eBay items, or to pick up milk and eggs. Wendy, one half of the married owners, recognized everyone. She couldn’t quite get a handle on saying my name (she preferred to shush the C, producing a new nickname, Josh) but she always said hello and asked how my families (Canadian and Welsh) were doing. Her tone was often short but polite and our conversations were normally brief (it was a popular post office). But I always left feeling a part of that little Blackpill community.

Do you know anyone Welsh? What are your impressions of these folk?

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