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criminal munchkins take over public space

In Thinkings on June 19, 2010 at 9:00 AM

I’ve always loved working with chalk, and using the pavement as my canvas. But turns out this is an illegal act!

That’s right, all the creative munchkins out there better not draw outside Mr. Grumpy Neighbour’s driveway unless they want to risk getting the Sanitation cops called on you.

Ok, this happened in Brooklyn, not in Vancouver. And it was back in 2007, not today. Certainly Vancouver’s cops have better things to deal with than chalk. Is it safe to assume I’m in the clear?

There’s artists around town, such as Jerm IX putting up stencils of his poetry on Vancouver buildings (not his buildings, I assume) using spray chalk. Is his work considered vandalism if it washes away in the rain? Thing is, he’s spraying under bridges and on the sides of walls — places the rain doesn’t easily touch (though, you never know, sometimes the rain hates on us from an angle). So it’s down to the city to power-wash it away, should it so choose.

I vote that we don’t wash spray chalk “vandalism” away.

Unless, of course, it’s in the form of lame advertising campaigns under my foot. Let’s consider public space as more our space, for us to use and share, not to be dictated and ransacked by Bottom-Line Hungry Advertisers (dear me, here goes my left-wing Communications-degree rant)… More white space, less illegal ads, yeah!

Anyway, Crayola certainly isn’t helping pare back vandalizing amongst children when they put out enticing products like 3-D chalk! Sheesh.

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