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Dad Day

In Makings on June 22, 2010 at 12:30 PM

The other day I mentioned I was looking for a bicycle for my Father’s Day card. Well I changed my mind. My adopted pad of manilla sketch paper was screaming at me, with its clean and coarse surface, that I had to sketch something in ink.

This photo of my dad and I was an obvious subject.

It’s May 1986. My dad is 26, dressed in his forestry-school attire. That little pooch is our first dog, Sprocket, so named after my parents’ favourite Fraggle Rock muppet. You may think this dusk shot was taken on the ocean. But it’s actually Lake Superior! (Ontario is serious about lakes.) I’m just over a year old and Sam is on her way, hanging out in the photographer’s tummy.

I wanted to maintain the 1980s photo album feel, so I rounded the corners of my sketch by tracing the spout of a glass bottle.

I then cut out an oval from a piece of wood veneer Tina picked up from Urban Source (you like recycled materials for crafts? you must make a pilgrammage to this store). A gentle cut with the X-Acto knife a couple times avoided snapping the veneer. A duck to the back, some gold corners to mount the sketch, and an ink inscription completed the card.

What made this Father’s Day even better was being able to see my dad’s reaction to the card. Most years it’s Canada Post who hand delivers my gift but this year, a wedding and a bike race brought us together for a visit!

After I drove us back from Peachland, and once Dad had diagnosed my Bush Pilot and I cooked up a shrimp stirfy for dinner, I presented him with the card.

He took his time opening it (the envelope I had made from a magazine ad about the 2009 Brompton Folding Bike Race) — very gratifying. I pulled out the original photo and it soon led to nostalgia for childhood and Ontario, and stories about the family move out to BC.

Yes, a pretty special Father’s Day indeed.

  1. That sketch is amazing! I had no idea you were so talented at drawing. Love it!

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