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6 o’clock rise ain’t so bad

In I like on July 12, 2010 at 7:48 AM

Sitting out on my mini patio this past week during the welcomed Vantown heat, my wandering mind took me back to my childhood home in Vernon. That ‘great place to grow up, great place to leave’ place, where the heat is teamed with such dryness it sucks the breath from you. Where peak heat starts at 8:30 am and doesn’t relent until close to midnight (see my previous Okanagan Heat plug).

But the mornings on our deck were bliss. The perfect temperature. I would perch out there with my cereal bowl (a religious Corn Pops consumer) at 6 am, taking in the smell of cool grass meeting warming air. The birds chirped; I’d read. Our aptly named Sneakers cat would stalk through the grass, pouncing on a fly or munching a flower stalk; the Honey bunny would hide in the shade of the fence preparing for a day of cursing fur coats. The birds chirped, kids woke neighbours with their morning trampoline routine, and I would read. Well, read for about three minutes before getting distracted by everything!

And that’s exactly what happened, up here on my mini patio. Distracted by the world waking up.

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