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In Doings on July 15, 2010 at 11:42 PM

It’s been Groundhog Day of work for nearly a week, and the end is not in sight. Harbour Centre has become my adopted home. And though I am surrounded by the most exciting, idea-developing people in the publishing industry, I could really do with some of that vitamin D being dumped out on the external world.

So it was a true relief to meet up with Lisa this evening. Out of the classroom walls; out of the Main to Third to Second Floor via elevators then escalators and sometimes stairs; out of the printing room; and especially out of my office. I used a work errand to mask my real reason for escape: sanity retention. Or rather, a reminder of the world that is the source of all books (and eBooks too).

And what did the world remind me of? Well, my love for hidden gems in your home town, that’s what.

Should you walk your way east down Water Street sometime, on your left you will find a wee courtyard. Notice the sandwich board on the sidewalk pointing up to The Deli Cottage. “Soups. Sandwiches. Drinks. Panoramic Views.” We were sold. Up we went.

Within steps away from the Gastown streets the world got quiet. But as we approached the not-much-to-shout-about shop front, acoustic Cuban music touched our ears. Our hips rocked our curious legs inside and our feet found hardwood floors, our hands touched tall brick walls, and our eyes delivered the evening light through big windows facing out onto the railway yard and, on this clear evening, to the buildings of North Vancouver. We bought drinks and a slice of baclava. The four men playing their guitars, bass and drums kept the hip-shaking rhythm as we climbed our way up to the loft seating area.

Lisa and I were the only patrons in the house. And we loved it. We shared ideas about book clubs, pot luck plans, future living arrangements, work, men, and how we fall in love with Vancouver a little bit more each day. ‘Tis a shame I didn’t have my camera (blog are so much better with photos, we cry!) but I assure you, we will be returning to our little find for lunch soon. (And having that honey-dense baclava again. Drool.)

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