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if their eyes are shiny, you know you’re doing it right

In Sightings on July 16, 2010 at 12:23 AM

TED Talks are where inspiration is at. And tonight I was led to the website for a talk given by the extremely engaging classical music conductor, Benjamin Zander. Hearing him describe his life’s epiphany, his realization of his role in this world, to be the person who helps others realize their ability — it was intoxicating! He bounces around the room, from the audience floor up to his piano and back again, his fury eyebrows and billow of white hair a top a balding head — he is an animation. A performer. A conductor of inspiration.

And he knew he was doing his job, successful at his role in this world, when he looked in his audience’s eyes and saw that they were shiny.


SHINY! Brilliant!

And if there are no shiny eyes surrounding us? Zander requests that we ask ourselves: Who am I being? If I am not inspiring others, if I am not engaging and contributing to others lives, then who am I?

Time for bed. Tomorrow, I’ll be looking for shiny eyes.

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