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the camRAWn app: watch for it

In Thinkings on July 27, 2010 at 2:49 PM

I’ve got this friend, beautiful Cam, who is a fountain of passion and ideas. Put us together and the hyper-intensity starts to rise. Some realistic parameters are often required – in steps Mini, otherwise known at her day job as Andrea.

My recent thought I’ll be proposing to my informal creative team is to develop an App de Cam. Cam’s raw food initiatives, his journeys, his music, his thoughts, his art, his explorations. But it has to be a good app, not just a rehash of his wicked blog, Vegan Vibration. I want to add value to people’s app lives — this isn’t about making money. I just want people to know about Cam and talk about what he’s talking about. To engage and be part of what he’s doing. Because he’s trying to build community. And I agree with that.

So I did some quick research (hallelujah Google!) and found this helpful article by Smashing Magazine to decide whether I’ve got something worth developing.

How to Create Your First iPhone Application

Seriously. Check this article out.

Designing a successful iPhone application is a lot like starting a small business…

Remember what all good entrepreneurs know – it takes a team to make a product successful

Select skills that are a good fit for you to lead. For those roles where you cannot lead, hire professionals…

Learn from the good, bad and ugly in the App Store…

…understand the capabilities of the iPhone and its interface. Can you shoot a .45 caliber bullet out of your iPhone? No. Can you shoot videos? Yes!

Line out a 9-rectangle grid on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper and get to sketching!

If you are not a developer, you know what to do – find one!

And finally:

It’s easy when you are working on your first app to get all AppHappy, dreaming up a zillion new app-ideas. Dream, but don’t get sidetracked by new ideas.

“Stay focused, or I’ll eat you up!”

Marty is full of threats.


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