building new castles every day

walk around Woodwards

In Sightings on August 5, 2010 at 9:00 AM

“My mom use to work here – for years!”

That’s Cam. It was Tuesday. Gastown was our meeting place for tea and sun and creative exchange.

“Do you know about [x] store, [x] restaurant, [x] group of people doing amazing, inspiring things?”

That’s both of us. We spewed ideas, URLs and apps, one after the other, brainstorming what we could add to the world.

“Food,” Cam said, “I just want to get people excited about food.”

“Community,” I offered, “gives a sense of place, a grasp on why the heck we’re here.”

“Typography!” we exclaimed.

Then we wandered. And found…

basketball amongst the riots,

patience for a new green wall,

lucky Contemporary Arts students,

a beautiful summer evening job,

leftover light bulb,

brick abodes,

vibrant graffiti-embraced street art.

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