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catch up: an Okanagan wedding

In Doings on August 7, 2010 at 7:30 AM

This and the next post are about a month and a half overdue. But for sake of documenting my life (and for your viewing pleasure), I’d like to offer the remaining photos from Courtenay and Dustin’s wedding in Kelowna, BC.

Part 2…

After our venue explorations, we took to the lawn for a warm-up. (You know, just testing the equipment)

The next obvious task was a jump shot.

Or two!

The officiant and photographer’s assistant (official photos here) chatted in preparation,

while Mother Nature prepared her own wedding gift.

Dustin, so nervous (bless!), dispersed his valuables amongst the guests. Made for an interesting treasure hunt later, but I got to hold Court’s engagement ring!

I’ve been to a wedding before — didn’t cry, didn’t feel compelled to — the bride and groom were known to me for a year or so and only a little more than that to each other.

But Courtenay and Dustin?

They had grown and developed their relationship for the past seven years. I beamed for them, I joined in their choking tears as they professed their vows — raw joy.

When my tears dried and I had grabbed some champagne (and a mouthful of tapas), I found:

magenta pink and Gerbera daisies for the bride’s ladies,

guests in pretty dresses,

a majestic bird bath,

herbs in waiting,

Courtenay’s attention to detail,


token mini guests,

and Mother Nature’s finale.

Snoop more on Okanagan Wedding here!

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