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a July story

In Doings on August 22, 2010 at 10:12 AM

The month of July, 2010 will go down in my books as 31 Days of Work. Only now, half way through August, am I able to reflect on all that happened in the few hours I did not spend at Harbour Centre.

Don’t get me wrong — it was a good, hardworking month. Working downtown Vancouver gave me a prime starting point for various cycling adventures, including a pedal over Lions Gate Bridge…

…to Ambleside Park where I found surfing geese.

My little sister came to visit (well, she came down to Vancouver to attend a BC Lions’ game with her boyfriend, but in my opinion, seeing Sam and I was the highlight) and we gathered one morning at Sam and Brendan’s new apartment for an amaaaaazing breakfast.

Meg’s rendition of a family favourite: Hungarian Bubble Ring.

The final spread: bubble ring (Meg) with raspberry fruit salad (me) and a zucchini-ricotta frittata (Sam)!

That same day was the final match of the FIFA World Cup. I scooted down to Granville Street to watch the match with some of my soccer mates — as did many other folk!

Spain versus Holland!
(AKA leg-room stealing children versus we-were-here-first-with-our-large-blankets grown women. The formers won.)

Work in July didn’t always feel like “work”. Working in a small team, sorting out hundreds of details, alongside current and future publishers had its perks. Like…

…mingling at Book Warehouse,

testing out the iPad,

listening to talking heads from Australia about e-books,

discovering humour writers are indeed funny
(well, that’s how Will Ferguson and TJ Dawe came across anyway),

celebrating on a boat (with fireworks to boot),

oh, and the bike rides home after work! Did it rain at all in July?

And to wrap a month up in edible fashion, here be a memorable outdoor meal of roast chicken, curried new potatoes, a kitchen-sink salad and fresh peas! Collaborated on with dear Lisa and accompanied by a solid round of Travel Scrabble at Portside Park.

I vote for summer to last until late September. Who’s with me?


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