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crepes with cam

In Eatings on November 13, 2010 at 11:06 PM

Back in October, when I was spending far too much time in the windowless office and thus ignoring this blog, I was fortunate to have one of the best mornings of my life. Wow, you say, that’s quite a statement. Oh, it is. And it was! Inventive food, table drawing, a large window with perfect lighting, and superb company. I ask for little else.

Having done no planning apart from “I’ll text you in the morning when I wake up”, we winged the menu. Cam arrived with a sampling of apples recently purchased from the UBC Farm Market and the best Concord grapes, in three different shades!

We took stock of my fridge and pantry. Some cheese, some cinnamon, eggs and milk. “Crepes!” I cried and raced to the book shelf for the recipe for my father’s staple dish.

As many Saturday mornings as I can remember being kid, my dad would cook breakfast. Nothing fancy, he’d say, just some rolled-up pancakes. That’s what we called ’em — rolled-up pancakes. Then he’d reach into his memory and tell me about my Oma making him pancakes with soup for dinner when he was a kid.

While I whipped up the crepe batter (2 eggs, 1.5 cups of milk, 3/4 cup each of all-purpose and whole wheat flour), Cam prepared our apple stew. He added no sugar that I saw, just three types of apple, cinnamon, and whatever other spices he found in my cupboards. I think it really is texturific when the skins are left on the apples before stewing!

We tried the first crepe with just the stew and some grated gruyere. Savoury, yes. Good, yes. But not exactly what we had in mind (if coming up with a dish on the spot constitutes having something particular “in mind”). A factor was missing. We pondered. We smacked our palettes.

Something nutty?

Something garlicy?

But of course — hummus!

So into my food processor we dumped a can of chickpeas, dollops of tahini, some lemon juice, garlic and water from the peas. Blend to a state of cream. And the result?

I wish I could show you the video reaction from Cameron as he assembled and consumed the first combination of these flavours. The natural sweetness of the apple mixed gently with the nuttiness of the gruyere and garlic of the hummus. Paired with strong cups of milky coffee and sharp, juicy grapes, the two of us doodled away across my kitchen table.

A morning I continue to savour.

  1. wow. yum. looks good. save me some!!! haha

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