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let’s go home for a bit

In Feelings on November 19, 2010 at 7:57 AM

Do you ever feel like you’re meant to be somewhere else?

I struggle with this feeling regularly. More so since the temperature dropped in late August.

I reckon it’s an annual, seasonal thing.

Each winter I get this urge to be closer to family. You might nod your head in empathy, Yah, Christmas’ll do that to you. But it’s not just the yuletide sentiments that pull at my heartstrings.

It’s the feeling of knowing that no matter what adventure you set out on that day, no matter what hard day you had at school or work, no matter how horrid the rain-turned-snow-turned-slush — there is a group of people in a warm home waiting for your arrival.

They’ll be busy with their own thing but you can guarantee someone will be in the kitchen, someone will be on the computer, someone will be putting on their shoes to take the pooch for a walk. And they’ll have you join in. (Or tell you to go away if they happen to be your younger sisters but that hasn’t happened in what feels like a decade. Hooray for maturity!)

So that’s why I’m heading to the Island today. Like the mini mushroom growing strong through the cracks of my attic’s deck, I’m doing ok but know I’m a little out of place. I want the warmth of those I love and an established house with real furniture to rest my confused bones. Oh, and my parents have a hot tub.

Have a good weekend, folks. And to my Vancouver friends, let’s take our time with this white stuff. We all know we’re a bit panicky when the rain changes shape.

And the Vancouver snow ferries deliver!


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