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Time to get packing

In Doings on May 24, 2012 at 8:50 PM

How did you spend the May Long Weekend? Were you drawing up floor plans, like us?

These plans may just appear to you as scribbles but to David, they were necessary. You see, David was actually away for a lot of the house hunt. In England. Something about celebrating a birthday for the royal “Ma’am” and a canal boat cruise with his brother dressed up as pirates. Whatever. He came back with a suitcase full of Dairymilk chocolate, duty-free vodka and a Union Jack bandana for the chihuahuaso we don’t ask too many questions. (But he’ll tell you if you ask. Or if you don’t.)

Anyway, the scribbled floor plans were to tide David over while we waited for Natalie to get back from a visit with her Baby Niece. It was finally on Monday afternoon that we all piled into Tyrel’s car and a Car2Go with the silent chihuahua and ventured to our new home for the first official trip as the whole Modern Vancouver Family.

Did we mention the new place is having a few superficial renovations completed? Oh, just a new roof, new deck, new bathrooms, new heritage-colour walls, new carpet, new dishwasher, yadayadayada. No big deal, right? I mean, all we asked for was a house. But all this? 

We are a very lucky family.

After the family tour, we walked down to West 10th to our new watering hole, Dentry’s, to enjoy a celebratory drink and hash out the occupancy layout. Surprisingly, the only argument we had was over where the television would sit in the living room. (The decision, so important it is, has yet to be made.)

Yes, we are indeed a very lucky family with ample space and room to argue over furniture placement. And that’s why you have yet to see photos, folks. There’s work to be done!

There’s also work to be done in our current places. While the ladies are at work during the day, the boys are purging the basement storage. And while the gents do their thing in the evening, the ladies purge the closets. We’re in transition, and there’s only one way to deal with it:

Dress up!

“The television WILL be placed in the centre of the room. Or else!”


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