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This is communication

In Doings on September 17, 2012 at 5:48 PM

This past weekend, I decided that I would start visually explaining the value of what I do for a living. I would start sharing examples to answer the question often posed: “So, Jocelyn, you say you work in communications. But what exactly is communications?”

I understand it can be easy to jumble it in with marketing. I myself have described it as one of those “invisible” occupations: everything that goes on behind the scenes. But I’m no longer content with that loose definition.

Wikipedia defines it like so:


  1. The imparting or exchanging of information or news.
  2. A letter or message containing such information or news.

So in an effort to explain, for myself and for my clients, what exactly is communications, I’ve tasked myself with a project. Over the next period of indefinite time, I’ll share examples from my paid and personal life to demonstrate how I practice communication. I hope to reveal areas where I can improve on my practice, and to showcase examples of where good communication has proven to be invaluable.

Let’s begin with Example #1: Fridge Notes

This is my family’s fridge. We’re not your average family but we still have our fair share of communication needs. We share household responsibilities and one of my roles is to be the Bills Person. It’s not the most glamorous job but because I enjoy being organized and not incurring interest on payments owing, I volunteered for the gig.

What I’ve discovered is that the differing communication preferences and needs amongst the housemates require different communication tactics. Some housemates like texts, others don’t mind Facebook messages, some need face-to-face reminders, and for myself, I like having all the info in one central location — like the fridge. Indeed, when not everyone is as in love with Google Docs as you, the next best place to share information is where the food is kept.

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