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Set a goal, choose a tactic

In Doings on October 5, 2012 at 9:30 AM

Good communication can happen when a goal is clearly set. So how do you set a goal?

  1. Identify the problem of your situation.
  2. Realize how you want your situation to be different.
  3. Then, establish the appropriate tactics to achieve the new situation.

The tactics you choose to achieve your goal can be as complex as those used in a national marketing campaign. Or, they can be as simple as a poster on your door. Like this:

Here’s the example:

Since my Modern Vancouver Family moved into our new house, we’ve been swimming in flyers. As much as my carpenter boyfriend, Phil, uses trees, he hates to see them wasted on unread marketing and advertising.

So there’s the problem: We have wasted paper filling our mail slot.

How do we want the situation to be different, I asked Phil.

I don’t want the guy to deliver that stuff to our house, he declared.

So, what do we need to do? Phil rolled his eyes. To communicate this to our neighbourhood mail carrier. Duh.

Ok, smarty pants, I said. Let’s put your talent to work. And I sat him down with my jar of pencil crayons and the back of a cereal box to let him create the message.

Half an hour later, Phil emerged from his creative bubble and presented me with his half of the tactic. Now it was my turn to do the offer half: Placing the message in a location where we’d be sure our audience, the mail carrier, would see it.

Close proximity to the point of mail delivery seemed ideal. The poster would await our mail carrier’s next visit.

And the result?

No more flyers! Successful communication achieved. (Thanks, Phil.)

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