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Workshop: BC Camping Conference

In Doings, Learnings on February 21, 2013 at 1:06 PM

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This week, I had the pleasure of attending the BC Camping Conference at RockRidge Canyon outside Princeton, BC. The BCCC has been a client of mine for the last six months (I developed and maintained the conference website). It was exciting to see our hard work come together!

I also had the great educational experience of facilitating a workshop, “Effective Communication for Camps.”

Click here to download the accompanying resource, “Effective Communication for Camps” (PDF, 885 kb)

Tuesday morning, I talked with over 30 passionate camping professionals about how camps, including staff and external stakeholders, can be effective communicators.  

You see, different departments within camp deal with different audiences. These audiences have unique needs, motivations and interests. For example, Food Services and Human Resources may both deal with volunteers, but volunteer adults helping in the kitchen will have different needs, motivations and interests than volunteer teenagers helping run a day of programming for child campers. 

The workshop touched on the five elements of effective communication but focused on one element in particular: The Receiver. In other words, the Audience.

We split into small groups and considered the unique needs, motivations and interests of unique audiences that a camp would commonly communicate with:

  • Teenage camper
  • Soon-to-be bride
  • ‘Helicopter’ parent
  • Site maintenance volunteer
  • Executive director
  • Existing donor with decreasing funds.

By the end of the hour workshop, we had discussed how effective communication isn’t just about sending and receiving information. Rather, effective communication is about asking for action, listening for feedback, assessing your abilities, learning more about your audience, and asking again.

Click here to download “Effective Communication for Camps” (PDF, 885 kb) for an overview of the workshop content and more in-depth questions you can ask yourself to ensure your next piece of communication results in action!

Effective communication is a never-ending circle of action. Any person or organization on any budget can achieve effective communication. The key is to regularly and clearly identify who you are communicating with, what you want of them, and how you can make the most of existing means and resources.

Questions? Please contact me at or read more about my work here.

RockRidge Canyon, Summer

RockRidge Canyon (near Princeton, BC). Just add some snow, ice hockey enthusiasts, and a campfire to stay warm in -5*C weather, and you get more of the February camp feel.

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