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There is meaning in a catalyst’s wandering

In Doings on June 14, 2013 at 6:51 AM


A catalyst always has a reason for making change. They don’t do it willy-nilly. They don’t wander through this world without aim.

I have done my fair share of wandering. Two universities and an indefinable degree, countless jobs and an indefinable career, years of trans-Atlantic relationship and an indefinable home. I assumed for a long time that I lacked focus. That I was indecisive. That I had no aim.

But what I’ve realized (and I’ll tell you how later) is that there is always a motivation behind my actions. And when I realized that motivation, I realized my wandering has value.

What might make a catalyst believe their wandering is meaningless? For me, it is an abundance of noise, lack of space, and absence of other catalysts.

But, again, that doesn’t decrease the value of a catalyst’s wandering. Look at all the stories, the connections, the experience, the knowledge gained from “wandering”. That delicious stuff doesn’t fade away. No way, Jose – it enriches us! Like Wikipedia tells me about catalysis, a catalyst is never consumed:

A catalyst may participate in multiple…transformations. The effect of a catalyst may vary due to the presence of other substances known as inhibitors or poisons (which reduce the catalytic activity) or promoters (which increase the activity).

My motivation is to help catalysts find each other, to direct the wandering to a comfortable natural space, and to cut out the noise – from the busy city, from the negative state of the world, and from the helpless thoughts trying to consume our motivation.

That’s why Community Catalysts exists. It’s a series of retreats with some catalyst friends on Gambier Island. And we’re looking for more catalysts. You should wander over for the next retreat. You won’t be disappointed.


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