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Walking to work

In Sightings on August 9, 2012 at 10:10 AM

Commuting to work via your own energy is a blessing. Until two weeks ago, I had been cycling. The theft of my bike (now, fortunately, found) forced me to change modes — and I really didn’t mind the change. (I did, however, mind being stolen from.)

Walking an hour to work affords you the time to observe your neighbourhood. You can do this on a bus, yes, and you can do it on a bike. But there is an ease in whipping out your camera (or iPhone) and reflecting on what you see. Sure, if it’s a muggy or rainy day, you arrive a bit sweaty having carried your lunch and change of shoes. But it offers fresh air! A sense of accomplishment! Oh, and a second breakfast at your desk.

Yesterday, I left home 15 minutes earlier so I could be the tourist commuter. Here’s what I found between Point Grey and Granville Island:

A tree for love.

A tree for play.

Contrast in colour.

Request for the globe.

A globe of a flower.

Yellow meets red and makes orange.

Green meets blue and makes purple.

Misdirected watering.

Kim Mitchell stuck in my mind.

A colourful retreat.

A muggy retreat.

The ideal office.

the morning light

In Sightings on December 8, 2011 at 10:17 AM

The morning light does wonders to my little old townhouse. It’s easy to get distracted while working at home, particularly in my small room full of the things I love. So instead of dwelling on all the fun I could be having instead of doing work, let me take you on a quick tour of the beauty I see in my illuminated surroundings.


we like to keep our towels colourful

toilet paper

flush handle

bathroom door knob

bathroom door lock

keeps the chihuahua out

shower wall

cracks give character

bedroom door handle



an alcove of shadows and cosmetics


pardon the lack of folding

u-pick? we pick

In Sightings on July 17, 2011 at 6:32 PM

Caught these red cuties picking strawberries out at Driediger Farms in Langley this afternoon.

falling colours

In Doings, Feelings, Sightings on November 12, 2010 at 11:05 PM

Today I applied to be a Letter Carrier for Canada Post. And I quote,

“It is my career goal to work for Canada Post. Since a young age I have been enthusiastic about the mail system and its history of serving the communication and business needs of our country. I am passionate about contributing to my community and would love the opportunity to work outside, delivering and collecting my community’s mail.”

A keen plea, I know, but I had to be clear! I sealed my electronic cover letter with a kiss and am praying it gets delivered into the most understanding and chance-giving HR associate.

Yesterday I remembered. From Victory Square, with a former boy cadet on either of my sides, and a good thousand or so fellow Vancouverites, I paused in silence and saw a Hercules holler at my heart from 1,000 feet above. We couldn’t see much of the cenotaph from our perch on the hill. But that was okay with me. I thanked those passed with my joy for the fast-flowing clouds and the flight rotations of the Portside birds as the three 105mm Howitzers echoed their blanks across Vancouver Harbour. The rain held off until the wreaths were laid. My eyes tingled with bagpipe tears. A cold day. Borrowed gloves. Thank you.

It must be near winter today. Last week was end fall.

The week before, interim fall.A month ago, crispy but in hoodies.

Five weeks ago, a furry of colour.



an autumn evening to replace the morning lost

In Doings, Sightings on October 3, 2010 at 8:00 AM

This Saturday I had every intention of heading to Lynn Headwaters with a good friend for a jog amongst the trails…and what a good idea it was during the middle of last week having been pent up inside an office. But come this morning, once the laundromat, bike shop and pharmacy had been visited, my body demanded a nap.

And of course the day got gorgeous. Typical.

So I went out for an evening bike ride to make myself regret less. And I went with my friend, The Camera. Here is what we found:

a small army of corvids…

…busy digging holes…

…and keeping watch;

bike paths yet untravelled,


mounds of saw dust (and My Independence),

and community pride at 45th and Clarendon.

paper whistle

In Sightings on August 9, 2010 at 2:23 PM

Thanks to my dear friend, Brianna (who knows I have a thing for glue and reusing paper), I’ve been directed to the collage-heaven that is Paper Whistle and to the personal site of one of its multi-media artists, Brandi Strickland.

I’m going to go cut out triangles!

There are so many ideas out there… I am consistently, on a daily basis, amazed at the beauty and innovation that I can stumble across. Just look at this!

>>> Click me! >>>

walk around Woodwards

In Sightings on August 5, 2010 at 9:00 AM

“My mom use to work here – for years!”

That’s Cam. It was Tuesday. Gastown was our meeting place for tea and sun and creative exchange.

“Do you know about [x] store, [x] restaurant, [x] group of people doing amazing, inspiring things?”

That’s both of us. We spewed ideas, URLs and apps, one after the other, brainstorming what we could add to the world.

“Food,” Cam said, “I just want to get people excited about food.”

“Community,” I offered, “gives a sense of place, a grasp on why the heck we’re here.”

“Typography!” we exclaimed.

Then we wandered. And found…

basketball amongst the riots,

patience for a new green wall,

lucky Contemporary Arts students,

a beautiful summer evening job,

leftover light bulb,

brick abodes,

vibrant graffiti-embraced street art.

if their eyes are shiny, you know you’re doing it right

In Sightings on July 16, 2010 at 12:23 AM

TED Talks are where inspiration is at. And tonight I was led to the website for a talk given by the extremely engaging classical music conductor, Benjamin Zander. Hearing him describe his life’s epiphany, his realization of his role in this world, to be the person who helps others realize their ability — it was intoxicating! He bounces around the room, from the audience floor up to his piano and back again, his fury eyebrows and billow of white hair a top a balding head — he is an animation. A performer. A conductor of inspiration.

And he knew he was doing his job, successful at his role in this world, when he looked in his audience’s eyes and saw that they were shiny.


SHINY! Brilliant!

And if there are no shiny eyes surrounding us? Zander requests that we ask ourselves: Who am I being? If I am not inspiring others, if I am not engaging and contributing to others lives, then who am I?

Time for bed. Tomorrow, I’ll be looking for shiny eyes.

hey birdie, nice cage

In I like, Sightings on July 11, 2010 at 7:45 AM

What a necklace! And I don’t just like it because it’s French, or being worn by another Jocelyn (obviously a tasteful name).  It’s the blue bird and the ornate antique brass cage that grabbed me. Plus, come on — it’s a birdcage around your neck! Yeah yeah.

Here are few available equivalents from Etsy (though my friend’s find was sourced straight from the Continent, or was it Quebec?).

by lunashineshine

by NewFashionedWhispers

by Japonicas (sans l'oiseau, but you could put in your own bird. or even a sneaky post-meal cat, ha!)

it’s heading towards my map of Louisiana!

In Sightings on July 10, 2010 at 2:09 PM

Though I realize I’m a bit behind on making a ‘Louisiana oil spill’ political comment, I reckon it’s never too late to poke at ongoing disasters.