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What is a communications professional?

In Uncategorized on March 24, 2016 at 8:38 AM

Whether I’m at a party, checking out a co-working space, meeting with a potential client or starting a project with a new staff member, I get asked this question all the time.

I particularly appreciate this answer offered by my professional association, the International Association of Business Communicators:

Communication professionals represent the voice of an organization as it interacts with customers, clients, employees, partners, shareholders, competitors and the community.

A communication professional brings the organization to life with a brand voice that aligns its verbal, visual and digital messages and activities with its mission and vision.

By clarifying the brand, communication professionals also help ensure the organization runs efficiently and effectively.

Communication professionals build a strategic communication plan based on thorough research, they communicate with a variety of audiences in a range of styles, they develop and edit content, and they assess where and how to communicate and how to evaluate the results of their work.

They act as the organization’s conscience and strive for its financial, social and environmental sustainability.

This definition is true for my work. Whether I’m a freelance content producer, a retained brand and campaign manager, or an employed coordinator, this is a good summary of how I help organizations.

Pleasant surprises from an interview

In Uncategorized on November 13, 2015 at 9:39 AM

Photo credit: Robert Lovett

Earlier this autumn, I was interviewed by my former student union about my university years and my experience as a freelancer.

I didn’t know what to expect from the interview or the interviewer. But it felt like the right time in my life and career to share my experience. Enough time had passed for me to process my dissatisfactions with my degree and get over my frustrations with finding meaningful work in my vocation. (I wasn’t so positive the year after graduating.)

I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of the interview. Kasia Cookson, the interviewer and writer, was genuine with her interest in my experience. She asked excellent questions that, if I were a student today, I would find constructive and helpful. And she even let me review the transcript of the interview and clarify some statements before it was published, not a common opportunity when dealing with the media!

On top of that, I got to witness the evolution of the student union where I met some of my current friends and created my first portfolio pieces. When I first joined the Communication Student Union (CMNSU) at Simon Fraser University, I enrolled as a mentor to a first-year communications student. My now good friend, Brianna, was in charge of the mentorship program and paired me with my now good friend, Andrea. I then went on to edit and publish an edition of the union’s magazine, InContext, with my good friend Christi, and acted as treasurer for a while, helping host member engagement events with my pal, Megan.

At that time, our crew was only dabbling in blogging and social media, and our membership was low. But today, the CMNSU has evolved to match the rapid evolution of the Internet and sharing of information. And their roster of leaders is impressive! I’m proud of these eager students, leveraging platforms like WordPress and Facebook to put into practice the theories they’re learning in class.

Then there’s the gift of hindsight and reflection that I gained from participating in this interview. Kasia’s final question in particular made me recognize that I do have a philosophy on life and my career, and it’s one I really buy into. That’s perhaps a funny thing to realize, but when you feel like you’ve been floating randomly for some time, it’s reassuring to see a pattern in the chaos.

Overall, it’s been an honour to share my thoughts with today’s communication students. I can only hope that my lessons might help someone confirm their own path. And many thanks to Kasia Cookson for helping me appreciate my journey so far.

You may read our interview here.

My friend, Violet

In Uncategorized on September 6, 2012 at 4:41 PM

This is my friend, Violet.

She lives in East Vancouver with her hip parents, Kate and Rob. Violet has been moving and shaking as fast as her parents can keep up.

Not long ago, she outgrew their one-bedroom rental. So her thoughtful parents moved around the corner to a two-bedroom.

Sweet digs, thought Violet.

That was until Kate and Rob found out the new place is covered in mould!

Now we’re on the hunt for a temporary sublet in Vancouver where Violet and her ‘rents can crash until Kate and Rob find a more permanent, mould-free place.

So, help a kid out. Sublet your apartment this fall!

E-mail sublet or rental listings to wagner.jocelyn@gmail. I’ll send them directly to Violet and she’ll do her very, baby best to send you a thank you.