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A neighbourhood Harvest

In Doings on July 6, 2012 at 3:35 PM

My sister — once a resident of Vancouver, now a resident of Calgary — keeps her finger on the pulse in both cities. When she was here, she told me the craft shows to visit, the restaurants to try, the shops to explore. Despite being in the next province, she still does this.

This week’s suggestion: A cafe-slash-grocery store sourcing local, preparing fresh, and serving what the neighbourhood desired. I mean, it was the neighbours themselves who chose the next tenant of the Union Street space.

Harvest Community Foods has now called the Strathcona neighbourhood home for three months. Nisa and Andrea decide what they’ll make each day. They take a peek at what produce has arrived from nearby farms and producers, and put together a hand-written menu which you’ll find at the til (i.e. the iPad).

The ladies.

The til.

$8 sandwiches. $5 soups. $2 apple juice.

The grocery shelves are stocked with staples: beans, rice, chocolate, honey, canned tomatoes. Bring your own bottle and fill up on olive oil: $10 for 250 mL.

The adjacent fridge holds lettuces. The freezer holds mason jars of specialty ice cream. Or get a scoop on the spot for $4.

A wall chalkboard will tell you what fresh produce is on sale. Today: garlic scapes.

Street-front seating lets you take in the commuting cyclists, elderly neighbours, and cars ascending the viaduct. The park across the street was full of sunshine, or shaded benches for those (me) sheepish of UV rays.

The spread.

After some reading, and a glass of apple juice with sandwich (humous, feta, cucumber, watercress, caramelized onions), I returned my dishes.

Before I could say goodbye, Andrea offered me a sample.

Vegan pate. Who knew? We do now. And will return when I’m next in the neighbourhood.

The building. From the park. In the neighbourhood.

The Joy of Feeding…and eating!

In Doings on June 9, 2012 at 10:38 AM

Have you set foot somewhere and knew without a doubt that you were meant to be there, and nowhere else?

I had that sense in May 2011 when I walked onto the UBC Farm with my sister for the inaugural Joy of Feeding.

For me, it was a natural affair: food + outdoors + families + music + stories = complete satiation.

The event happens again tomorrow, Sunday, June 10. Tickets are $50, which may seem steep but when you consider that all funds go directly into our local urban farm and you get to eat as much as you want from 16 different cooks plus you’ll hear live music (including the acoustic Dan Mangan) and meet like-minded neighbours…you’ll realize that $50 gets you pretty far in life.

So, friends, will I see you tomorrow afternoon, 1pm?

Wish she could be with me again this year.

Waiting for the vines to grow (at UBC Farm).