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faux spoiler alert!

In I like on June 8, 2010 at 11:31 PM

My soccer games happen to fall on the night that all my friends — at least the dedicated song-and-dance type — are turned to the television or NinjaVideo for that rollercoaster of a plot-versus-show-tunes program, Glee.

And knowing that I wasn’t able to catch the season finale tonight, what do two of my most imaginative friends — being the caring and sharing type — do?

They spam me with false spoiler texts!

Missy: Omg! I can’t believe Sue and Finn are making out!!! This is madness!

Lisa: Oh my god, the vocal adrenaline team is having an orgy on the stage.

Missy: Wow, vocal adrenaline and new directions doing a billy idol mash-up together?? Epic! Talk about a plot twist.

Lisa: Jesus christ, the cast of twilight just invaded and turned the whole choir into vampires! Save them, Buffy, save them!

Missy: Holy crap, kurt and artie are making out in artie’s wheelchair! I just saw tongue…

Those two tag-teamed me from separate sofas! I responded with texts oozing of passive aggressive disapproval until I saw the episode for myself.

Some of L&M’s suggestions (notably the Twilight cast cameo) would have pushed this feel-gooder into a super show but, alas, I will make due with a dash of labour pains, strings of Sue Sylvester’s wit, splices of Bohemian Rhapsody, and a good helping of tears. Not much can go down poorly when some Journey is involved.