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pull quote fun!

In Learnings on May 28, 2010 at 9:44 AM

Reading The Morning News, I’ve been admiring their site layout – simple, clean, black and white, and with pull quotes to boot! “I gotsta get me some of my own,” said the greedy keener in my mind, and to Google I went!

Kudos to Michael Polluck for this tutorial.

Alas, what I learned is that, as free as WordPress appears, to display CSS changes you have to pay $15-ish a year. (Fair enough, they need to make a living.) I was all set to do it but hesitated at WordPress’s warning:

Please note that CSS can be a fairly tricky technical job…You should have some knowledge of CSS before purchasing the upgrade – or at least a willingness to learn!

Or I could drop $384 and have roughly 20 designers throw their ideas at my limited-budget feet.

But I’m keen to learn. So it’s time for some self-teaching. I’ll be back!

Macintosh 101

In Learnings on May 20, 2010 at 11:10 AM

look what I can do!

For folks like myself who have always felt a bit intimated by the beauty of Mac computers but had no choice but face that fear when they landed a job (read: got lucky) in an office that snubs PC’s, I present my blog series, “Macintosh 101”.

How to take a screenshot

I love the ability to take screenshots. It’s just one, well-labelled button on the PC key board. But on a Mac? Nonexistent. There had to be a key code, so to Google I went!

Thanks goes to for this tutorial.

1. Hold down the APPLE [Command] and SHIFT keys

2. Press 3 for a screen shot of the entire screen

3. Press 4 to get a “Crosshairs” so you can select just a section of the screen you want a screenshot for!

4. Press the space bar after you press 4 if you want it to automatically size the screenshot so that it perfectly matches the window it’s over. After you press the space bar, a camera icon should come up.

5. Know that the resulting file will be placed on your desktop, named Picture X.pdf for versions of 10.3 or earlier and Picture X.png for 10.4 and later (could also end in .jpg).

* Press Esc to cancel.