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falling colours

In Doings, Feelings, Sightings on November 12, 2010 at 11:05 PM

Today I applied to be a Letter Carrier for Canada Post. And I quote,

“It is my career goal to work for Canada Post. Since a young age I have been enthusiastic about the mail system and its history of serving the communication and business needs of our country. I am passionate about contributing to my community and would love the opportunity to work outside, delivering and collecting my community’s mail.”

A keen plea, I know, but I had to be clear! I sealed my electronic cover letter with a kiss and am praying it gets delivered into the most understanding and chance-giving HR associate.

Yesterday I remembered. From Victory Square, with a former boy cadet on either of my sides, and a good thousand or so fellow Vancouverites, I paused in silence and saw a Hercules holler at my heart from 1,000 feet above. We couldn’t see much of the cenotaph from our perch on the hill. But that was okay with me. I thanked those passed with my joy for the fast-flowing clouds and the flight rotations of the Portside birds as the three 105mm Howitzers echoed their blanks across Vancouver Harbour. The rain held off until the wreaths were laid. My eyes tingled with bagpipe tears. A cold day. Borrowed gloves. Thank you.

It must be near winter today. Last week was end fall.

The week before, interim fall.A month ago, crispy but in hoodies.

Five weeks ago, a furry of colour.