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instantly tangible

In I like on June 2, 2010 at 1:38 PM

What is it about Polaroids and photo booths that we still love even in this digital age? The common trait is the instantaneous product of a captured moment, one that will never exist again. But even though we can snap a shot every second of our lives and store them away for future viewing with our surplus of iPhones, pocket-sized cameras and external hard drives, we can’t easily hold the photo in our hands.

Nope, nothing beats paper on skin, squishing our noses close to the developed chemicals revealing smiles and hairstyles.

This reason, I believe, is also why books will never disappear – no matter how many iPad offspring are developed. Readers love to hold, touch, smell what they’re reading. Especially a novel. Or a newspaper. Or a magazine, dictionary, atlas. When we read, it is an experience and those who love reading enjoy a full experience using all our senses.

Same with photobooth pictures. Up they go on our fridge, or in the corner of our bedroom mirror. Anywhere a little computer screen can’t (yet) fit.