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an autumn evening to replace the morning lost

In Doings, Sightings on October 3, 2010 at 8:00 AM

This Saturday I had every intention of heading to Lynn Headwaters with a good friend for a jog amongst the trails…and what a good idea it was during the middle of last week having been pent up inside an office. But come this morning, once the laundromat, bike shop and pharmacy had been visited, my body demanded a nap.

And of course the day got gorgeous. Typical.

So I went out for an evening bike ride to make myself regret less. And I went with my friend, The Camera. Here is what we found:

a small army of corvids…

…busy digging holes…

…and keeping watch;

bike paths yet untravelled,


mounds of saw dust (and My Independence),

and community pride at 45th and Clarendon.