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sunshine weekend

In Eatings, Makings, Sightings on June 13, 2010 at 11:05 PM

Mother Nature reminded Vancouverites this weekend why we love our city — sunshine. Joined by my best companions, I felt like I had boarded the chill train to holiday town. Complete with…

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the first beer-on-balcony evening of the summer,

a cover of “Oleander” by Steph Macpherson and Zachary Lucky at Cafe Deux Soleil,

happy faces at the Trout Lake farmers market,

mimosas, prime rib hash and World Cup footy at The Hub,

Kiera and her conch at English Bay,

making our chili cook-off contribution (while Kiera monitored),

fresh laundry smell,

mini samosas from the Granville Island food market,

grass conversation with my sister (and wishes that our other sister could join us),

new recommendations from my personal loan library (Lisa),

and the smell of sunscreen on sun-kissed skin.

Abbotsford: There’s gold in them hills!

In Learnings on June 12, 2010 at 9:00 AM

Last weekend I visited my very good friend in Abbotsford. Upon departure, all I knew about the community was:

1) I can’t reach it by transit;

2) It’s east of Surrey and somewhere west of Hope;

3) It has cheap gas, but so does Chilliwack (a regular Vernon-road trip pit stop); and

3) It’s full of farms (and a resulting smell);

I packed my bag for anything and skytrained out to Surrey. I regularly visit Walnut Grove where a couple other friends reside so I know I could have gone farther east by public transit. But generous Christi saved me the bus journey on this hot June day.

We first stopped at Derby Reach in Langley where…

colourful folk take to the lush trails,

the trees are thick towers,

the Fraser River dazzles in the sun,

and there are old cars in the riverbank!

Our next stop was the peaceful and well-maintained village of Fort Langley where they have…

tenacious woodpeckers,

a little white house with a sweet petite cafe and French-influenced fashion,

and the biggest neon sun hats ever.

We were due back in Abbotsford for a South African dinner at Christi’s parents. With some time to spare, we perused the neighbourhood where…

on these rare clear days, Mount Baker appears, brilliant and white,

and the posh folk have golden fire hydrants!

Yep. GOLD HYDRANTS. There’s no place like Abby.