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Walking to work

In Sightings on August 9, 2012 at 10:10 AM

Commuting to work via your own energy is a blessing. Until two weeks ago, I had been cycling. The theft of my bike (now, fortunately, found) forced me to change modes — and I really didn’t mind the change. (I did, however, mind being stolen from.)

Walking an hour to work affords you the time to observe your neighbourhood. You can do this on a bus, yes, and you can do it on a bike. But there is an ease in whipping out your camera (or iPhone) and reflecting on what you see. Sure, if it’s a muggy or rainy day, you arrive a bit sweaty having carried your lunch and change of shoes. But it offers fresh air! A sense of accomplishment! Oh, and a second breakfast at your desk.

Yesterday, I left home 15 minutes earlier so I could be the tourist commuter. Here’s what I found between Point Grey and Granville Island:

A tree for love.

A tree for play.

Contrast in colour.

Request for the globe.

A globe of a flower.

Yellow meets red and makes orange.

Green meets blue and makes purple.

Misdirected watering.

Kim Mitchell stuck in my mind.

A colourful retreat.

A muggy retreat.

The ideal office.