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surprise: you’re published!

In Makings on May 19, 2010 at 6:36 PM

vegan fudge brownies

A couple weeks ago, I made some brownies based on a recipe from the cookbook of my favourite Victoria-BC restaurant, Rebar. Then I used good ol’ Facebook to share it with my online community. I got some comments, some thumbs-up “Likes” but most surprising, I got an offer from my friend, Joni, to submit the recipe to her blog, The Three Cheeses.

I’d been following the development of this delicious blog and was proud to know the three women (also SFU graduates) behind it. It’s a special feeling – flattery – to be recognized by your peers for something you did. Even something as small as a yummy piece of cake. I have fun snapping shots of my makings but never expect them to go farther than that.

So thank you, Joni, for acknowleding these chocolate babies and continuing to submit it to places like foodgawker. Three cheers to collaborative blogging!